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Yeah it’s a bit incessant but there are so few releases right now that really excite me I’m going to roll with this for a bit!

The Hyperdub bash at the weekend was awesome, lots of nice people, lots of chat and catching up. Bit too rammed, great soundsystem.

King Midas Sound came on around midnight and were great. Kevin on the buttons, mixing it up like an old school On-U Sound session, tweaking the tracks in a raw dubwise style – harder than the album. Roger’s vocals were a bit more forthright onstage as well. They opened with “Cool Out” and it was much more directly in your face than the vinyl version – live and direct, in fact. Hitomi came out stage front a little later on and brought her own styles to the equation – each of the trio has great stage presence.

It was awesome stuff for a group who have only performed live once before, I can’t wait to see them again. The rest of the line up was of similar quality from what I saw – Kode9 and Spaceape live were verging on “stadium” with lots of funky stylings – manging to fill the room up with sound and voice without resorting to wobblers, natch. Which is possibly one of the unwritten laws of Hyperdub.

Mala‘s set in the small room was also a joy, lots of classics that even dubstep cynics like me knew and loved.

Then I got into wandering around, chatting and drinking territory so that’s yer review in full.

Shout out to they guy sitting next to me on the N253 at 3:30am who threw up all over the place. You twat.

Anyway, I daresay all you lot out there are weary of me banging on about KMS given that the album isn’t even out yet? Fair enough! Time for some audio…

First up check out comrade Johnny Mugwump’s interview with KMS over at The Quietus. It is accompanied by an exclusive Kode9 mini-mix that gives a good flavour of the “Waiting For You” album (out very soon! On Hyperdub! ha ha).


Then head over to FACT Magazine and snaffle their exclusive King Midas Sound mix, which features their own tunes alongside some classic lovers rock, soul, arsequake and avant garde business. Mixed by Kevin Martin. Exclusive one-away vocals from Roger Robinson and Hitomi. Yes really. You need this.


  1. It was ace. Erm, namedropping?

    Off the top of my head: Johnny Mugwump, Caroline Mute, Georgina Cook, Marcus Hyperdub, Kode9, Neil Transpontine, Chris 56a, Dan Hancox, Boomnoise, Mark Pilkington, Melissa Bradshaw, Blackdown, that guy that put you on in Dalston and probably a load more I have regrettably and shamefully forgotten about.

    I only saw Kode9 do his live thing, not DJ… 🙂

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