“and if you see your mom this weekend, be sure and tell her…”

It’s not often I bother with the adolescent antics of satan-bothering metallers, but a press release from convicted murderer Varg Vikernes recently caught my eye. Prison hasn’t made Varg any less of a nazi, but now he’s at large once again he’s been shocked to find that black metal is a haven for people who:

“‘get loaded,’ ‘get high,’ and in all other manners too behave like the stereotypical Negro; they will probably continue to get foreign tribal tattoos, dress, walk, talk, look and act like homosexuals, and so forth.”

All of which makes black metal sound like a lot more fun than it actually is.

Unfortunately Varg’s spluttering outrage is slightly undermined by his press release promoting what can only be described as One Of The Gayest Album Covers Ever:



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