Hackney Community Defence Association

Full transcript of interview with Graham Smith of HCDA undertaken for the film Injustice about deaths in custody. http://www.uncarved.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/colin-roach-a-crime-is-a-crime-is-a-crime.pdf Found here, where you can also find Benjamin Zephaniah’s thoughts on the Colin Roach case. I find this sort of  community work is inspiring for a whole heap of reaons, not least because it provides a …

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Rough In Hackney

The people of Stoke Newington, in the London borough of Hackney – the poorest in England – have lost faith in their police. Allegations of fabricating evidence, gratuitous violence and drug-dealing have blurred the line between law-enforcers and law-breakers. A spectacularly grim bit of social history from The Independent in 1993.

ice rink

Lea Valley, Sunday afternoon. All crew are present and correct. Sounds of the funky house. No trainers, no hoods, but plenty of hats. Blades on our feet, but no trouble. The MC sees to that: “Don’t sit on the barrier Don’t throw the ice This is a Change Of Direction situation Please stop skating and go… …anticlockwise!” …

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Spirit soundsystem benefit – Saturday

Solution Sounds Benefit Session 15 November 2008 Silent Whispers 21-23 Sedgwick Street Homerton E9 11pm – 6am £8.00 An update on the case, via Hackney Solidarity Group Bailiffs abandoned plans to take possession of Spirits shop on Monday (03/11/08) after a rally of local supporters collected on Broadway Market to show their support for one …

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Iain Sinclair – banned in Hackney

Hackney Council displaying their characteristic control-freakery and incompetence: “It seemed a diktat had come down from above that I was a non-person and should be barred from the library for the crime of writing an off-message piece on the Olympics. This essay, published in the London Review of Books, responded to aspects of the creation …

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Hackney Solidarity Network

Hackney Solidarity Network “The Hackney Solidarity Network (HSN) was launched in January 2008 as a space where community activists and campaigners can Meet each other Let each other know what they are doing Share skills and information Network and get to know each other socially At each meeting we have a short introductory presentation by …

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