1. Weren’t the anti-social workers originally from Herts somewhere, or maybe from Harlow new town on the Herts/Essex border. I remember them from my Luton period, think they were linked in at one time with Red Action who were also strong(ish) in that area.

  2. Yeah possibly tho I didn’t know about them then – just heard about them retrospectively because Mad Professor did their LP. There is a bit about them in the link to KYPP. Certainly Red Action’s exploits at the Hatfield Polytechnic gig by the Specials are fairly legendary. Mr Wells was briefly in the Blaggers also…

  3. oh Bilko is a sound bloke, met him years ago through the Blaggers but after he’d left, should pull out my copy of their first album On Yer Toez but I think he was on that, I got it burnt to CD so never look at the sleeve any more…. I did a reading with him 30 May 2007 at Utter Club, Salisbury Hotel, Green Lanes in N4 and John you were there!!! But he’s on that poetry circuit, reads all the time and is mates with guys like Phil Jupitus….. but we can forgive him that! Oh and my impression was he’d lived all his life in Stoke “Don’t Call It Stokey” Newington…. As for the Anti-Social Workers I know the name but nothing about them….

  4. And straight from the horse’s mouth (or should that be poet’s), Bilko had this to say on the matter of the Anti-Social Workers to me: “We were from London and Mark, the one who could actually sing lived in Leighton Buzzard. Paul the other bloke was from London but living in Leighton Buzzard also. We did a lot of gigs in Luton, Bletchley etc as a result. The girls were all from London I think.”

  5. Jesus, Leighton Buzzard. I lived there for a year and hated it. Yes I enjoyed the night at the Salisbury, especially Bilko’s number about Eek A Mouse and my first introduction to your Australian dog, Stewart! Thanks for dropping by here, and a happy new year…

  6. What’s Up Party People!

    I’m the Paul that Tim refers to from the Anti Social Workers. I’m now a modest little author on street culture and radio/club DJ. The Anti Social Workers actually supported both Peter Tosh and Eek A Mouse on tour just spitting lyrics over the Mad Professor’s Dub Riddims (he was the real genius in the band) and we released an album on his label Ariwa called ‘Positive Style’. If you’re remotely interested (probably not) you can find out more on http://www.myspace.com/paulwellings or google Anti Social Workers.

    P.S Tim Wells is an absolute legend and I’ve still got to return a video I borrowed from him years ago which is in storage somewhere. Doh!


  8. Hello all … I knew Tim in his pre/during ASW days, the man intorduced me to the Mob, who I seem to recall were from where he was from originally before moving to Leighton Buzzard.

    As Paul Welling puts it, top geezer, would love to meet up with him again

    As for Paul W, I knew you/him briefly, journalist on the Beds and Bucks Observer and Mark H, top geezer, shame about the barnet!


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