David Emmanuel aka Smiley Culture 1963-2011

I was shocked last year to find out that Smiley Culture owned a diamond mine and was also up on charges to supply cocaine. But not as shocked as I was today when I found out that he’d died, in what has to be said are unusual and grisly circumstances. As I said then, he …

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reggae in parliament

My article in Datacide touches on the gradual acceptance of soundsystem culture in the UK over the last 60 years. I’ve now discovered that this process can be illustrated just as well by checking Hansard, the record of discussions in the UK  Parliament. It seems that in the seventies and eighties, reggae was only ever …

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Datacide issue 11

Fanzine of the week #3 With 64 pages, this is the biggest issue of Datacide yet! It also includes a contribution from me. No time for an extensive review, but all of the material here is well up to the usual high standard. FEATURES Christoph Fringeli – “Hedonism and Revolution: The Barricade and the Dancefloor” Stewart …

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Shake The Foundations vol 2

The second mix I ever did, now up at Mixcloud: John Eden – Shake The Foundations vol 2 by Johnedenuk on Mixcloud This was done in 2003, a transitional time for online music. By then most people I knew had the internet at home and/or work. But very few of us had broadband, and hosting …

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Remembering the Embers: New Cross 1981

An interesting podcast about the New Cross fire, which includes documentary spoken word (both archival and new) and music:

Some of the music is taken from the Lovers Rock mix I did with Paul Meme. I find this recontextualisation very interesting (and saddening). These tunes may have been the last sounds that 13 of …

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No Ice Cream Sound zine

Fanzine of the week #1 I like dancehall and I like fanzines, so this was always going to go down well in my little corner of the world. Hand printed, 28 pages, put together by a gang of young ‘uns who lurk about North East London – this is well worth your attention. There’s a …

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Cockney & Yardie: Heatwave 2010 UK Bashment Update

Large Up » Cockney & Yardie: Heatwave 2010 UK Bashment Update Great round up for London dancehall runnings from Gabriel Heatwave with lots of photos and youtube business. There’s loads going on and this made me feel completely out of touch! Which means lots of lovely new stuff to check out,  so that’s fine by …

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grimey reggae podcast

John Eden presents RSI RADIO 5: grimey reggae 2010 by Johnedenuk on Mixcloud A quick thing I threw together last night – a round up of reggae and dancehall infused grime from 2010, with a bit of muttering from me. Enjoy!


FOOTSIE – RASTAMAN PICKNEY EP [CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE] | Newham Generals Official Website. Well, looks like grime is still full of surprises! Most of the CDs I’ve checked recently have been too much on the vocoder/funky tip, but there’s still a ton of interesting things happening under the surface. In the last …

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Pseudo Gay Rastas part two

I previously looked at the legendary Boots Sex Dread record with my “Keith Allen in Gay Rasta Scandal” piece. Thanks to all the lovely people who left comments, especially Bryon Coley for clearing up the details of how Sex Boots Dread ended up in the film  “Bully”. That left a few loose ends open, which …

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