Cockney & Yardie: Heatwave 2010 UK Bashment Update

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Great round up for London dancehall runnings from Gabriel Heatwave with lots of photos and youtube business. There’s loads going on and this made me feel completely out of touch! Which means lots of lovely new stuff to check out,  so that’s fine by me.

On a similar note, the Heatwave crew just uploaded a new London Bashment mix with some ace selections and a good few specials as well as contributions from their MC Rubi Dan (who Paul Meme borrowed for the anthemic “Move Down Low”).

Check for full tracklist, details of Heatwave nights and a whole heap more.

More London Bashment in the newly published No Ice Cream Sound fanzine, including Heatwave’s top riddims of the noughties. More about the zine soon…