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Prelude: Situationist International

situationist cartoon

“It’s easy to see why these imbeciles go for the Situationist option when they’re confronted with the genealogical question. The Situationist International produced a good number of ‘difficult’ texts and so they are easy to write about. What one does is explain concepts such as ‘the spectacle’ or ‘detournement’; this fills up a lot of space with less time being put in for the money earned than that required for someone engaging in genuine analysis.”

Stewart Home: “Blood Splattered with Guitars: A demonstration of the fact that there are no direct links between PUNK ROCK, the Sex Pistols and the Situationist International” i.e. Chapter Two of the essential Cranked Up Really High: Genre Theory and Punk Rock (Codex Books, 1995).

Part One coming soon…


  1. Further proof that Stewart Home is a witless idiot. What is truly ironic is how most of Mr. Home’s ‘career’ revolves around making rather poor critiques of the Situationists…

  2. Home is not an idiot — do you know the guy? He actually takes the piss very very well, turning a lot of precoceived notions/accepted norms on their head, both from the left and right and anarchistic ends of the spectrum — and he doesn’t take himself and his ideas as seriously as you may think. He is having a laugh on a lot of people — maybe you too.

    Well, he got a response out of you didn’t he, Boop,Edgar and Silas?

    More power to Stewart — he has made a career out of his own ( and others ) ideas, instead of working in a dreary factory, or in a dreary 9.00 — 5.00 middle class office job compromise existence. That takes intelligence and courage, cos he wasn’t born with money, like some others who escape the loop were, ending up as “record producers”, “Artists” Dj’s and so on, often on Mum and Dad’s loans.

    Howling Wizard, Shrieking Toad.Ex White Colours Collective, 1982, Kingston.

  3. Besides, Home shows up Greil Marcus and his like very well — Clinton Heylin gets a smile or two from Home as well.

    Well, Home is right : it is all a bit silly isn’t it?

    I mean, look at the following link —


    For those of us who were 14 or 15 in 1976 — surely we have to ask, without any hint of malice — just what is the fecking point of middle aged men, sitting aorund in circles or standing at podiums like these, going on about Punk? Home’s articles on that point ( as John has linked to ) are spot on.

  4. PS John, I just asked Ted Parsons from The Swans/Killing Joke/Prong/Teledubgnosis to send you a copy of his new dub noise remix project, featuring Youth, Ryan Twilight,The Bug and other assorted punks and dub heads we are all familiar with. He should be contacting you soon.

    Howling err…..shrieking….oh , urrmm…Greg.

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