Maurice Brinton / Chris Pallis RIP

I’m sad to hear that Maurice Brinton died yesterday. There’s a couple of texts by him on – one about sexual repression and politics, and one on the parallels between Jonestown and trotskyite cults masquerading as political groups.

Brinton was one of the main people behind Solidarity – one of the best and most interesting “libertarian socialist” groups, mainly active in the 60s and 70s. They published a wealth of stuff which unpicked a load of the left’s assumptions on a whole heap of issues, as well as accounts of contemporary industrial struggles. Brinton’s stuff especially, was remarkable in its ability to be both informed and readable – sadly very rare in lefty publications…


His day job was neurosurgery, it seems! (He co-wrote the ABC of Brain Stem Death, which is surely a title as good as anything dreamt up by power electronics bands.)


AK Press recently published an anthology of his writings – For Workers’ Power, which I haven’t got hold of yet and apparently there is an extensive book documenting Solidarity’s life and times in preparation as well.

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  1. Neil
    I hadn’t heard this – so what was his real name? I was looking at that book in 56a last week and it said about his medical career. As a former medical librarian I well remember the ABC series even if they were overshadowed in the gory pictures stakes by the ‘Colour Atlas of [fill in terrible disease]’. The Colour Atlas of Eye Disease put me off contact lenses for years.
    2005/03/20 @ 07:33 pm

    Yeah, I think Chris Pallis was his real name – and also the one he was dissed by the Situationist International under!
    2005/03/21 @ 10:04 am

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