welcome to Jamrock

It’s fair to say that Bob Marley had a load of kids. It’s probably only slightly contentious to point out that, whilst many of them have entered the record industry, not many of them have produced anything of much cop. Chalk one up for nurture in the great reggae genetics debate…

However, I was somewhat chuffed to come across Maestro’s “I’m a Dad” single a while back, on the Ghetto Youths United label, which apparently has some kind of Marley connection. A nice bouncy do-over riddim (yeah yeah I’ll get back to you on which one, it’s late!) with a gruff voice on the pleasures of fatherhood – without sounding too trite about it. Nice!

Anyway, if that was a pleasant surprise, my jaw totally dropped to the floor when I first heard Rodigan play “Welcome to Jamrock”. Easily my favourite for 2005 so far, this is going to be MASSIVE!

Great reality ranty lyris: “come on let’s face it, a ghetto education’s basic, and most of the youth dem waste it…”. HUGE HUGE riddim based around and old Ini Kamoze tune with Ini in the mix: “down in the streets, they call it MURDER”

You need this. Unbelievably there is also a Ray Keith drum ‘n’ bass mix in the offing (allegedly).

Aaaaaand it looks like someone is really getting behind this one for a change. Reggae on the up, hey there’s even a great video you can download from here. Check it aaaaaaht.



  1. Rodigan played the Ray Keith mix back in January and there’s a 12″. I heard the original at a Misty In Roots gig and it nearly stole the show. Even the poor quality of the Ghetto Youths pressing (my copy at least) can’t hide a monster tune. It’s going to be in my charts for a long time to come. Jamaica! Jamaica! But please, where’s the link to the video gone?

  2. Peter M

    yeh really shocked me too…but then I recalled he has done a coupla nice ones over the years…a good tune with capelton that escapes me…
    2005/03/23 @ 01:19 am

    i love the Kamoze original – one of the first reggae albums i ever bought 🙂
    and you’re right – this should be huuuge!
    2005/03/25 @ 02:57 pm

    actually, not one of the first: THE first.
    just dug it out now. (and blogged about it)
    2005/03/25 @ 03:25 pm

  3. I know the sample “Out in the streets they call it murder” is from an Ini Kamoze song but I can’t find out which one. Anyone know?

  4. one of the first reggae artist that i really like and the first reggae album that i brought. I guess that i started liking reggae when i meet my boyfriend martin which is a jamacian

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