Dj Twist – Invent The Enemy

“It was Xmas 1992 that I discovered the best music of all time, Jungle Tekno. A pirate radio station started up in Edinburgh called ‘Boomerang FM’. I was listening to Rave music, mostly being played by Tom Wilson on his Forth FM show ‘Steppin Out’ and at local raves like ‘Rezerection’. What I heard on Boomerang was a world away from the Italian Piano House and glorified Diva Disco of Scottish Rave music. It was jittery paranoia-inducing horror music. It was Rave’s evil twin that had kept locked in the basement and had now suddenly broken free and was looking for revenge.”

Bassnation and is proud to present a masterpiece of darkside hardcore from a Dj who knows the genre backwards and inside out, Dj Twist.

Well, that’s tonights’ listening well and truly sorted then!