Dub Conference @ Plastic People



I seem to have inadvertently deleted the post bigging up the Dub Conf night at PP, but it was worth checking. Hello to those of you who came down.

The night kicked off with some nice low level roots courtesy of Channel One which was a good warm up because you could still speak to people. Mainly UK productions being played as far as I could tell but also some quality Sizzla on the roots tip. Some things to track down, notably a tune which involved words along the lines of “one stand firm, two means a fight on your hands” or something like that.

I guess Bigfoot from Station FM [pictured above] probably took to the decks at about 11pm and played a mainly female vocal selection which I thought was pretty brave, really. It seemed to pay off though and he ran some nice Sister Rasheda selections and fair play to him for trying to broaden things out rather than stick to what people expect. By now Plastic People’s soundsystem was warming up and the dancefloor was filling up. Bigfoot ended his session and Channel One returned, much to the delight of their home crowd of warrior steppers. Things blew up from there but I had to leave about 12:30 cos I knew today was going to be one long eyestrain as I vainly tried to reassemble clauses and sub-clauses in The Bastard Document.

Overall a good first night with a very relaxed and untrendy vibe for Hoxton check the Roots Studio website for details of future events- there’s one on at Electrowerkz next week with 3 Dimentional Roots & Mighty Tabot in session, for example.