On The Goddamn Wire!!!

Steve Barker’s “On The Wire” radio show is 20 years old and should be familiar to many of my readers. The show has featured legendary tie-ins with Lee Perry, On-U Sound and a host of others as talented as they are diverse.

Barker also contributes the monthly dub reviews column to The Wire magazine. Reading that on the way to work one day last year I was forced to do a double take. And then freeze. And then get on the phone to Paul Meme and shout at him incoherently. After I got my breath back, Paul (and the rest of the train carriage) were apprised of the situation.

Steve Barker had reviewed Paul’s Grievous Angel Vs Niney The Observer: Blood and Fire (Twist-Up Dub Mix). In The Wire, for all to see. When we’d finished shouting at each other and one interested fellow commuter had got the url off me, I spent the rest of the day grinning. Unbeknown to me, Paul and Steve stayed in contact and discussed our mixes.

And then Steve popped the question at some point this summer – “Would you like to do an hour’s mix for On The Wire?”.

Saturday 17th September (nb: there is a small chance it will be rescheduled)
10pm Radio Lancashire 103.9, 95.5 and 104.5 FM.


  1. MAJOR PROPS!!!!!
    to dj on the wire is a thing I would very very very much like to do, and am highly jealous.
    great stuff…….

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