1. ….and another link….

    I kind of like this link to bad album art, cos the ones you normally see are hilarious and good…but also a tad predictable — you just KNOW you are going to see crappy album art from a Southern Reform church, the Warsaw Rabbi’s cantors , a self help group in Philadelphia, a keep fit group in North Korea and so on and so on…. this list is kind of more unexpected in a way, in that it takes in mainstream artists, but sleeves which are still equally crap in thier way ..hilarious….


  2. PS I wanted to comment on your friend’s good taste directly on his website — but found a sign up /register system, which is a shame I think. I think that will put people off leaving communicative messages on his nice site, simply cos, I speculate, people wont want to go through the bother of siging up….Just a thought….

    Hey…in the time I wrote this post — I could have signed up/registered with his site!

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