John Eden & Paul Meme – Fast Chat Special mix

0:00: YT: England Story (White)
0:45: Maxi priest: Sensimilla (White)
2:23: Papa Levi: Mi God Mi King (Taxi)
5:07: Tippa Irie and Daddy Colonel: Jus a Speak (UK Bubblers)
6:14: Daddy Rusty: No No Way (UK Bubblers)
7:08: Daddy Sandy: Riddle Bubble (UK Bubblers)
8:10: Asher Senator: The Original Car Style (Fashion)
11:03: Tippa Irie: It’s Good to Have the Feeling You’re the Best (UK Bubblers)
14:00: Leslie Lyric: Blind Date (UK Bubblers)
16:28: Smiley Culture: Cockney Translation (Fashion)
18:17: Papa Levi: Bonnie & Clyde (Island)
21:23: Asher Senator: Fast Style Origination (Fashion)
25.00: Ends

Hosted by Paul Meme here:


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