Blogariddims Office Party Mix – The tracklist

This mix came out as part of the excellent blogariddims series in December.

1. Elizabeth Welch – Stormy Weather
2. The Passions – I’m In Love With A German Film Star
3. Yazoo – Nobody’s Diary
4. Foxx – S-S-Single Bed
5. “Malcolm McLaren” (i.e. Bow Wow Wow) – Sexy Eiffel Tower
6. 2 Unlimited – Let The Beat Control Your Body
7. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam
8. Divine – Native Love
9. Mel & Kim – Respectable (Club Mix)
10. Spy 51 – Cake
11. Mambo Taxi – Do You Always Dress Like That In Front of Other People’s Boyfriends
12. The Shangri-Las – Give Him A Great Big Kiss
13. The Angels – My Boyfriend’s Back
14. Shampoo – Shiny Black Taxi Cab
15. We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Going To Use It – Rules & Regulations (Splendiferous Mix)
16. Daisy Chainsaw – Love Your Money
17. Colourbox – The Moon Is Blue
18. Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town
19. Angel Corpus Christi – The Day John Kennedy Died

A tip of the hat to Paul Nomos who assembled my quotes/clues into the following over at Dissensus:

Teens of Eden “I’m the Ice Queen” (1986)

Everything I have is gone
Trying not to pose
Perhaps if I held you
The pleasures of night
The pleasures of night

Ice Queen
Ice Queen
All I have is gone
Ice Queen
Ice Queen
You know that I’m the one

It didn’t matter that he was tame
It penetrates your brain
A place to stay
I never get enough
Conversation is interrogation
You’re like a big expensive drug trip
She looked down on me
He’s not evil
He’s not evil

(Keyboard Solo)

Now you’re going to get a beating
Sleazy brown dirty macs
Leave your job and have some kids
Yes we do
Scorched and dieing
Never had a friend or wanted one
A criminal on the take
Criminal on the take…

(Chorus x4)


Joint 2nd place: Martin BTI and “Stinky” Jim

1st place: Jenks

Big up all the entrants and those too intimdated to enter who still told me they enjoyed the mix.


  1. damn and blast! i’ve downloaded but not listened to it, and figured I wouldn’t recognise anything because it would be all sorts of dead obscure dancehall sold in one shop in Homerton on a drizzly Saturday afternoon in 1987.

    And then it turns out I own almost everything on it.

    arsebiscuits 🙁

  2. 😆 Turns out I only knew 5 – Technotronic. 2 Unlimited, Yazoo, Mel & Kim and Shampoo. I thought ‘love your money’ was by Transvision Vamp!

    Pretty poor show, considering most of this music came out during my formative ‘top of the pops’ watching years…

    Im getting a CD anyway though – right John? 😀

  3. You get a CD automatically “for services rendered to the international bloggertariat” Droid. Presumably you have the same address?

    Dubversion can whistle for his tho, lazy git.

  4. anyway, call that a mix? the bloke who spins the Girls Aloud CDs in Top Shop in Swindon on a Saturday has more skillz than you.

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