Dead by Dawn


History is made at night: Dead by Dawn, Brixton, 1994-96

Bloody hell this brought back some great memories. I can barely tear myself away from the keyboard because I want to hold forth about this seminal night out… safe to say this had as much influence on me eleven years ago as BASH had on me more recently. It was just so well conceived, with the right people doing it for the right reasons – that a good night was guaranteed.

More soon I hope, but the article above is the best thing written about the night in retrospect. It also includes a text I wrote 11 or 12 years ago that I remembered as being quite embarrassing, but is actually pretty fiery and bang on.

Controlled Weirdness’ Unearthly Records site has a nice archive of some texts and flyers also.

Dead by Dawn – big ups in perpetuity for everyone involved.


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