Oh How I Laughed


After reflecting on my teenage fandom of Death In June here, it felt quite good to finally purge this flat of their last remaining records.

Unfortunately it looks like it isn’t as straightforward as that:

MC036 eBay Listing Removed: Hateful or Discriminatory ( 182548222)

Dear john-eden
We appreciate that you chose eBay to list the following auction-style listing(s):230223972319 – DEATH IN JUNE: Brown Book LP ORIG with insert current93

However, your (s) breaches eBay’s Hateful or Discriminatory policy and has been removed. In accordance with our User Agreement, items prohibited by law or by eBay policy are not allowed on eBay. We notified members who placed bids on the item that the listing has been canceled.

You’re not allowed to list items that promote or glorify hatred, violence or racial intolerance, or items that promote organisations with such views on eBay.

I had to laugh. It was nearly as funny as when William Bennett personally got ebay to remove my auction of a Whitehouse tribute record.


  1. Resist his sales patter, STN – he’ll just have to keep “The Brown Book” on his shelf as an eternal reminder of his youthful folly. I’m just stunned he thinks he’s going to get 20 smackers for it!!

  2. Well you could always have a bonfire and place Brown Book on the top… a film of that would look nice on YouTube… these tossers like Death In June wank on about free speech but would be happy to deny free speech to those who criticise them as well as those silly liberals idiotic enough to defend their right to free speech but not what they’re saying… Yeah the trouble with being able to get 20 knicker for this garbage is having to deal with the saddos who’d actually part with cash for this garbage… oh well, maybe give it to an anti-Nazi research archive… hope you haven’t got a copy of that dreadful “Oh How We Laughed” official bootleg of Death In June as well… but a whole raft of this shit would look better on a bonfire than just one piece…. And actually this slightly raises my opinion of eBay – defending capitalism by proving a fool and their money are not as easily parted as we thought, wow a corporation actually demonstrates a bit of social responsibility! Have you asked them if all Death In June records are banned as hateful material – and indeed all releases featuring individuals who’ve appeared on Death In June records, such as maybe Tony Wakeford and Sol Invictus dross? Talking of which I’ve actually updated my pages on Death In June and Wakeford (naughty now this whole comment just looks like a plug for my site – but I won’t put the urls, you can add if you want – and honest I wouldn’t have written this long a comment if it was just a plug for my site). Oh and if you burn all the Death In June and related shit and put a film up on YouTube, I’ll buy you a curry or something!

  3. Dear Mr Natural, As you are commenting here on your `update’ to your website on the whole Tony Wakeford, Sol Invictus material, I felt I should reply to your statements in those updates. In them you state that I `actively promote the far right neo folk music scene’. This is a bizarre statement – yes I have written about the Neo-folk scene and yes I interviewed Tony Wakeford on a couple of occassions. Firstly; I do not `promote the far right neo folk music scene’ I have been an active anti-fascist all my life. This goes from active invovlement in a number of Anti-Nazi and Anti fascist movements, a number of left-wing groups, being part of the Bristol music scene where the bands that I have played in, and still do (Statik Sound System – Breakbeat, drum and bass and trip-hop sound system), have done anti-racist/fascist/nazi benefits. I have been involved in organising demonstrations and coach trips to many national anti-racist/fascist/nazi demonstrations and am very `active’ in my community in Bristol with a wide variety of music and community projects that promote anti-racism. Secondly; it is interesting that in your material on Tony Wakeford you have called for him to `make a break’ from his fascist past. This he has done on several occassions and most recently in the interview he gave me where he talks about being a `racist’ in his time in the National Front and how stupid he was for getting involved in the `Strasserite group’ in the NF. Now you claim that he hasn’t discussed his `street violence’! It seems to me that you are moving the goalposts every time you add to your `work’. Tony Wakeford was a member of the NF and states that he is no longer a part of that movement or indeed shares the views, opinions or ideological positions of those involved in the NF or associated organisations. If he is lieing to me about that then that is his problem. If he is trying to re-energise the occult-fascist axis across the world with his brand of alternative neo-folk then he isn’t doing a great job of it. Advertising campaigns against the deportation of an Iranian Lesbian on his myspace – Pegah Embrakesh – being one example of his staunch family values oriented fascism! There are groups within the neo-folk or post-industrial scene who are definitely swimming in `new right’ and `traditionalist’ political waters with murky followers and people attached. I would list groups like Von Thronstahl and Herr as being particularly involved in promoting those ideas either through their music or through the associated activities of members of these two bands. I find these ideas particularly pathetic and abhorent especially when they claim not to be `fascist’ but are avowedly `racist’ (at least I can say for certain that one member of these acts is a racial seperatist). There are however lots of people involved in this scene who are totally anti-fascist/traditionalist/nazi/new right and having been researching this scene (amongst many others e.g I have done a lot of work on UK hip-hop/dub step/drum and bass/breakbeat scenes) for many years I have found just as many anarchists, communists and liberals who either like the music or go to the gigs. So Stewart your assertion that I am a far-right sympathiser is totally ludicrous and just plain wrong, I’m sure that you will not change the `material’ on your website but as far as I am concerned your comments are completely slanderous, still I’ll let you get on with it – Ciao – Pete Webb

  4. Better to email him direct, Pete – I’m not sure how often he checks this blog. FWIW I think he’s happy to be corrected and has changed stuff on the page when new information has come to light. Presumably you don’t count that as “moving the goalposts” as well?

    The difficulty with all this is the vast amount of subtefuge and outright lie-ing at the heart of the neo-folk scene. Wakeford himself has never been honest about his past and it does look very much like little titbits are dragged out of him when he is exposed.

    Here is the page in question, for those interested: http://www.stewarthomesociety.org/wakeford.html

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