1. I think it’s a cool picture myself. I suppose you’d prefer a horned robot crushing a virgin in its fist but some of us are more nuanced…

  2. Funnily enough, I could always see Paul strolling over a windswept hill, Harry Secombe-style, in a Sisters of Mercy t-shirt and trench coat, booming out, “SOUL OF MY SAAA-VIOOURR / SANCTIFY MY BREAST”…

  3. It’s equally easy to imagine John shoplifting Merrydown from the co-op in St Albans while wearing one of those funny Fields of the Nephilim hats.

  4. Come on John, let’s see the pictures of you in the Neph hat – you can stick up some of your teenage poetry as well

  5. I’ve never denied my inner goth! 🙂

    Nah, it’s cool what he’s doing – it isn’t like any other dubstep type website and I’m sure he has spent more time than is healthy drawing up a weltanschaung (sp?) behind it all.

    Plus it’s a good way of merging the dubstep scene with all the people into the Davinci Code and all that guff, so the marketing possibilities are HUGE! 😉

  6. True – and it’ll make a nice change from deserted towerblocks / skylines over the Thames at 4am / industrial warehouses ad nauseam…

  7. not my taste either,sorta ok on the webpage though,maybe cause it’s shrunken… reminds me of those early arqa sound cassette covers…

  8. I am mocking his taste in imagery, yeah. That probably makes me a terrible friend but I’ve been doing it for 20 years now and it’s hard to stop. To his credit he takes it all in his stride… 🙂

  9. AFAIK Paul is doing some magical/meditative work on Erulize Freda, and the picture of saint above is one of her faces – I also don’t think scrawling WTF? over the top is the most sensitive thing you could do. Perhaps he’ll forigve you.

    I admit I didn’t understand all the rest of the images. I assume they are awaiting musicial accompliment.

  10. It’s an image of the Mater Dolorosa, an aspect of the Virgin that is syncretised with Erzulie Freda Dahomey, the Haitian Vodou Lwa of love, sex, pleasure, luxury, dancing, beauty and sorrow. The website looks awesome to me. But then again, I have a shrine for Erzulie in my bedroom and my fiance is a devotee of her mysteries – so I’m perhaps not the most impartial source on that…


  11. Scatter cushions! I can see that going down quite well with certain aspects of Our Lady.

    John scrawling WTF over this carefully selected icon has its own spiritual, or at least existential, force, I think. Actually I think he’s keyed into quite an important aspect of Erzulie Frieda – the tears and despair at the state of the world that come after the lust for temporal luxury.

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