Flux of Pink Indians

Interesting recent interview with the reformed Flux over at expletive undeleted.

I suppose the main themes are how time and growing older give you some perspective, but also the vilification of Derek Birkett – the member of the band who went on to run the now very large One Little Indian Records.

As I said here, I found Flux’s later work more intriguing than their earlier punkier material. So slightly depressing to see the rest of the band dismissing that as solely down to Birkett. And also a bit odd as the “Uncarved Block” album featured collaborations with On-U Sound people, and singer Col Latter’s side project Hotalacio was produced by Keith LeBlanc.

And some of the things they rail against these days are a load of bollocks as well…


  1. A grown man wondering whether he should charge full whack for kitchen installations? Like, he couldn’t be bothered to suss out the going rate and what his competitors were up to, cos it was easier to base his estimations on some ‘pay no more’ policy from 15 years before? Can we have some more pics of celebs in punk shirts please? Hilary Duff stroking a hairless dog in a Discharge ‘Why?’ tee. Jude Law jogging in a Psychic TV sweatshirt.

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