Datacide issue 10 – now available from shop


More on Berlin later, but grab yourself a copy of the latest issue of Datacide magazine now, from the uncarved shop.

56 pages – biggest issue yet! £2.50.


Neil Transpontine: A Loop Da Loop Era – towards an (anti-)history of Rave

CF: Radical Intersections – The rise and repression of the free festival movement in the UK and some intersections with radical anti-politics

Controlled Weirdness: You’re Too Young to Remember the Eighties – Dancing in a different time

The Reverend: More than just a Night out – Rave as confrontation

Dan Hekate: All things fall and will be built again

Hans-Christian Psaar: Commodities for the Jilted Generation (the imagery of The Prodigy and Kid606)

Alexis Wolton: Teknival and the emancipatory potential of technology

JR: Denial Networks – On Crisis and Continuity in the 9/11 Truth Movement

Secessionist Outernational: Self-Exile and Poetry

Howard Slater: Convergent Suggestion – on Surrealism and Organisation

Rafael Castellanos: Visible and invisible fragments of experiences (About Bogotrax festival)

Riccardo Balli: Audio-Philosophical Dwellings

Stewart Home on Peter Whitehead and the Sixties

Nemeton on Boris Mikhailov’s Unfinished Dissertation

JR on “The Description of Bankruptcy”

CF on François Genoud

Nemeton on “Everybody talks about the Weather… We don’t: The Writings of Ulriike Meinhof”

Balli on “Situationism on Wheels”

CF on “Battlenoise!” and the ideology of Martial Industrial

Plus record reviews, charts, Bloor Schleppy, End of Vinyl?, Pencilbreak and more.

Available from Praxis Mailorder and the shop.

(Some back issues available also).


  1. Hello, loving the blog, many thanks for taking the time/effort. I’d like to buy this mag, do you take payment thru paypal cos i don’t want to go through all that rigmarole (lazy? yes indeed).
    Mr Tear

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