searchin’ – lookin’ for love

I don’t look at my webstats too often, not least because the number of people who drop by here terrifies me slightly (um, hello!).

The search stats are usually quite a depressing array of dysfunctionality (more of that below). But now we have a clear winner, which whilst depressing does suggest that a lot of people out there aren’t afraid to research the more unsettling aspects of London history.

Picture 2

I guess most of these are self explanatory, but here goes a whirlwind (but not very festive) tour of the hidden parts of

Looks like some of these put me in the premier league of google searches…

Police corruption stoke newington 1980s (speaks for itself really)

Amputee Sex (a booklet by Stewart Home which I have for sale)

anarcho punk (a genre of music which is roundly criticised here, but still provides hordes of forum posters and myspacers with logos to put in their profiles like people used to have on the backs of their leather jackets) Number 3 on google!

Frieda Powell (A victim of a particularly gory murder – all text but NSFW) Number 2 on google!

Nicky Crane (a gay nazi skinhead who exerts an ominous sexual hold over some people – from beyond the grave!) Number 2 on google!

Inna Gadda Da Vida meaning (the hidden story of Brion Gysin and Vidal Sassoon’s influence on this sixties anthem) Number 1 on google!

The Bug (yes! some sanity at last!) Number 4 on google!

Donkey Show (a Disco theatre performance which seems to share its name with some dodgy pron)

Skin head (Born to fight / Born to win / We were all born to be Skins / Born with martens on our feet / Face the truth there’s no retreat” authentic working class subculture now adopted by retro-pseuds everywhere)

Babylon (the film)


  1. Clicking through these I discovered that the link to my booklet Amputee Sex comes up as ‘product not found’ – so does that mean that this blog led to you selling out? That booklet is now out of print – there are no more! Amputee Sex also often comes close to the top of searches on my site, although I also get cunt and variations on that a lot and these tend to rank above amputee sex, and all the sex searches always come way above searches for my danming articles on so called ‘musicians’ with far-Right and worse leanings etc…

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