2005 “Ugandan” Dancehall Video of the week #5

Unknown by Unknown. Pah. (Remember when Mixmag or Muzik would have those ridiculous DJ top tens every month, and one of them would always be some drum ‘n’ bass guy boasting about how he had loads of white labels of unknown providence? I swear that’s where Origin Unknown got their name).

Nice bit of female vocal anyway – not the best quality, but vibes galore (as they used to say when flogging you yard tapes). Seems like the last part of the tune is a series of shout outs to various districts, which is always good.

[listens again and googles a bit]

Actually, she might be Nazizi? Not sure who the guy is.

LOL at this curtailed interview – what a great opening question!

Ah, right “Necessary Noise”. And they’re from Kenya, not Uganda. OK, I’ll change the tagging on the clip. Phew!


It’s Noise with a “Z”? Right, then – wiki entry. Which reveals that the boy  is Kevin Wyre.

Hello Kevin and Nazizi – good tune!