No Ice Cream Sound issue 2 now out!

Second issue of this great zine – now out, bigger and even better than the debut! Same bad-ass bashment attitude!

Great interviews with Dr Carolyn Cooper (author of the book “Sound Clash: Jamaican Dancehall Culture At Large”) on her lucidly academic take on bashment, Solo Banton on working with Jahtari, Ward 21 on starting out with King Jammy and then making mad riddim. There’s even an extended interview with Sizzla that attempts to get to grips with things like his Mugabe sponsored appearance in Zimbabwe.

But I think what really makes NICS stand out is the combination of great articles with smaller, more “ziney” things. This issue you can learn how to do the “Willie Bounce”, hear Gabriel Heatwave‘s fave moments from the awesome Stageshow event, take a trip down Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn to look at the record shops, and even get a primer in Japanese Dancehall acts.

I’ve contributed a three-pager myself on an obscure JA cop TV show from the eighties…

Plus supeber graphics and that whole hand-printed, hand collated DIY vibe.

No Ice Cream Sound is available NOW, from here. I would advise getting one sooner rather than later – they’ve printed so few that “limited edition” doesn’t even say it. (The Shimmy Shimmy crew will now share in the zine editor’s curse of having people ask you if you have any copies of your first issues left, for YEARS after you sold it out… *cackle*)

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