Earlier this year Matt Woebot wrote an excellent piece for The Wire magazine on the musical deviants of Cambridge. Tomorrow night he and the various people featured will appear in London courtesy of the ever-generous Jonny Mugwump. More details below.

It will be good – see you there…

Woebot (DJ)
Former blogger supremo turned sonic dissectionist, Woebot’s latest album Chunks is one of the highlights of 2011. This event was inspired by Mat’s article for The Wire in March this year.

The Doozer
Joe Meek productions through folk ethnography. “Guitars reverberate; drums ebb; gamelan parts move like clockwork and hand cymbals tinkle”.

Man from Uranus
Cosmic junk-shop synth sci-fi – Sun Ra and Stockhausen via jean-Jaques Perry, Esquivel and Roger Roger. “I love to make sound a visible entity- to paint with it.”

Pete Um
Anarcho-poetic, comedic anti-music. “Imagine if Quasimodo was a Home Counties Vicar dispensing slurred homilies, or perhaps if 2 Live Crew’s Luke Skywalker were producing Position Normal”.

moving dancefloor synthesis into a parallel universe as heard via his records on Werk and RAMP.

More info, links and ticket details at exoticpylon dot com

Mr Mugwump has posted some handy Youtube links to introduce the artists on his blog.