Turbulent Times fanzine – issue 9 published

Roll up! Roll up! Get yer scrappy xerox noise rag!

48 pages A5 (half-size). Mainly by me. Design is even less professional than Tweetah. Content is even more cynical.

Trades/Blags/Distro offers are welcome.

Nocturnal Emissions – Nigel Ayers talks about his recent “Spinal Correction Shred” cassette amongst other stuff.

GX Jupitter-Larsen – The Haters mainstay on revolutionary noise anthems, nihilism etc.

Adventures in Noise Dub – A voyage into the cassette underground. Can we believe the hype?

Libbe Matz Gang – The cult lo-fi electronics unit play hard to get.

GRMMSK – Alienated doom dub from the frozen wastes.

Harsh Noise History – Eraciator’s less than helpful genre guide.

My Summer of Noise – live reviews

Audio Reviews

UK: £2.50

Europe: £4.50

Rest of World: £5.00

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  1. got mine yesterday,the Consumer Electronics live review is priceless!Got a couple of issues from back in the day, great(if rather unexpected) to have another!Heres to the new edition of Break/Flow.

  2. bloody marvelous mag John – so cool bumping into you at the bar in the Arnolfini Friday – and many thanks for the fanzine – a damn nice read !! sorry to shoot off before we could have a decent natter – next time I hope !!!

  3. after finishing reading today, i have to say i’m even more happy about it. sometimes i have been rather annoyed after having works of mine popped-up in somekind of media, just to be in the same distro as some stupid right-wingers or wanna-be child molestors…in this case i very much enjoyed the overall “spirits” and direction of the things being said or written. unfortunately that’s rare.

    for me the most interesting thing were sections of the live-reports. especially the NUCLEAR MEDICINE show/event/edu-tainment/experiment. it would be nice to go more into detail with the topic of what all this forms of “product placement” do to the assumed content of certain (all) works, in a world in which EVERYTHING is swallowed-up by the general structure of a CONSUMERIST IDEAL. the VOMIR-example of the black bags over the heads to shut out the “visual and social aspects from the performance” made me laugh sadly, as it focused the attention to these “fresh” features of a show even more…sneaky!

    thanks a lot, john.
    i’ll spread the extra-issues,
    that landed in my frosted mailbox today.

  4. Wow – thanks all! Really pleased with the response to this (and slightly amazed that you still has some original archive 90s copies, Jonathan!).

    Issue ten will be out slightly more speedily I think 😉


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