Grime In The Dancehall Mix (2013 Remaster)


From the desk of Mr Grievous Angel:
Remember that huge mix of dancehall-infused grime and grimey dancehall me and John Eden did a few years ago for the Blogariddims Podcast?

Well, I’ve done a new master of it so it sounds louder, clearer and better than ever before. Maximum listening pleasure as well as a unique insight into the bashment, dancehall and one drop roots of grime.

Hope you enjoy this and please tell your friends, fans and followers about it if you do.

The link for the new mix is here:

BIG UP Droid, all Blogariddims crew, Woebot, Dan Hancox, Blackdown, all Woofah Magazine crew and all dancehall and grime selectors, producers, MCs, promoters, labels, record shop people, and dancers! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soon come: a special tribute mix for Keysound’s masters of garage weirdness, LHF.

Thank you

Paul / Grievous Angel

John Eden & Grievous Angel – Grime in the Dancehall (2013 remaster) by Johnedenuk on Mixcloud

Paul Meme Sleevenotes/Tracklist

John Eden Sleevenotes/Tracklist

To which I would reiterate that I was a total late comer to Grime. I heard it around the place but it never clicked until I saw Flowdan and Killa P perform alongside Kevin Martin at BASH at Plastic People. Then I dived in.

By the time we did this mix in 2008 a lot of the people who had latched onto Grime early had decided it was desperately uncool. Which suited me fine. It meant I could easily investigate the early days and then develop my own opinions about what was good amongst the new stuff without jostling elbows with the hipsterati.

This mix was a case of forcing a connection between dancehall and Grime really, to make a point. Of course, I didn’t need to do too much forcing – it was more a case of just joining up the dots in a slightly different way and then colouring everything in red, gold and green. As with Woofah, the idea was to get open minded reggae heads into grime and vice versa.

The mix was a load of fun to do and went down really really well. It certainly still gets regular rotation here.

I followed it up a few year later with an RSI Radio Grimey Reggae podcast.

I have virtually zero idea about what is happening with Grime these days, though. Perhaps that’s a good thing – my daughter can’t decide whether my appreciation of Tinchy Stryder is cool or embarrassing.



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