August updates

Grmmsk on vinyl


GRMMSK – cyaan go back (unfrei, 2013) from grm on Vimeo.

“This is another doomdub-resurrection ov the still undead punk genre. similar to the evolution ov zombie’s mobility in movies these days, on the collaboration ‘müllGRMM TÜTEsk’ you’ll find not only slow motion crawling and staggering, but also rather aggressive and hectic attacks. that’s when they’ve spotted you! feel the sting ov this toothed-up VERSIONS of the tracks from the 3rd EP by berlin’s MÜLLTÜTE.”

There is some X-Rated Live Screenprinting Video filth for you to watch here.

Available from Rough Trade, Praxis in Berlin and a bunch of other places.

New releases on Libertatia Overseas Trading


Degenerate Waves are a new act and their debut features “Lo-fi sinewave abuse, limited edition of 50 copies” with some sound sourced from DSEI 2013 arms trade expo apparently! Another great quality (but lo-fi, naturally) release from L.O.T.

There is also a forthcoming Degenerate Waves split CD with Libbe Matz Gang. To get a copy you need to complete a slightly unnerving questionnaire! I really like the idea of having to go through arcane processes to get hold of music in the current era of everything being available. So I’ve completed my questionnaire and await the results…

Available from

Turbulent Times issue 10

Is nearing completion, but don’t hold your breath. Some copies of issue 9 are still available from me.

See also new releases from:


Concrete / Field


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