Solidarity Is Our Weapon Against All Prisons benefit comp tape

GRMMSK has worked hard on putting together this great compilation of radical musicians, noisicians etc in aid of Anarchist Black Cross Helsinki.

It’s available as a download or two cassettes:

Contributors include comrades like GX Jupitter-Larsen, Dave Phillips, Libbe Matz Gang, Kek-W, Concrete/Field, stapperton, and many more. GRMMSK himself contributes a doom dub track and also a sneak peak at his exciting new collaboration with Kek-W under the name of SLEEPMASSK.

For more info on prison abolition and related issues I would recommend The Lockdown podcast series – an easy and engaging listen which avoids the banter and boasting of a lot of political podcasts these days (free).

Anarchist Black Cross Helsinki 

ABC Helsinki was founded in August 2012 to fill the need for long-term prisoner support and to get internationally networked. Our most common ways of action are spreading the information, collecting funds and getting lawyers for prisoners all around the world. Analyzing and criticizing the prison system and the society surrounding it is part of our field, too.

We support all anti-authoritarians, and their supporters, who are persecuted due to their political activities or acts which do not contradict with the ideal of anarchism. Whenever possible, we support prisoners who became anti- authoritarians during their sentences – so-called “social prisoners” who were¬†forced to break laws for subsistence, or fighting against the despotism of the ruling class – and prisoners who fight against the prison-industrial complex from within. As anarchists we are against all prisons. We believe in direct action against capitalism and the State. We are not a human rights organization, since our goal is not to defend laws but to destroy them. In some cases we may support prisoners for purely humanitarian reasons. Different ABC groups decide their own policies independently.

The origin of Anarchist Black Cross dates back to late 19th century Russia, where revolutionaries started to help their comrades who were in trouble for actions against the Czar. In 1919 the group settled with the name Anarchist Black Cross. The prison and legal support activities spread around the Europe and Unites States with activists emigrating from Russia. All the ABC-groups disappeared from Russia as well from the other parts of Europe during the Second World War, but activity was revived with supporting opposers of the Franco regime in the 1960s.

There are many ways to participate in supporting the prisoners and taking down the prison system, from writing and translating the material to organizing support gigs, from painting banners to having performances. Even the smallest input can have a huge impact.