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lxsch – Austerity Answer mix

Austerity Answer by Lxsch on Mixcloud

More great tunes – from the man lxsch!

Noise In Opposition Volume 2


Latest installment of this series of great anti-fascist noise/electronica/weird compilations.

16 acts have contributed tracks this time, including April Larson, Laica, elizabeth Veldon, dsic, stapperton and GRMMSK.

As GRMMSK has said “some of the people/projects and their beliefs, NiO is opposed to, still haven’t fully understood that their ‘rebellious’ pose isn’t actually a statement against the status quo, but a sad verification of how numb and distorted the senses for something i would call freedom can be.”

Free/pay whatever download at Bandcamp /

Or cheap physical media from the Noise In Opposition site.

Noise In Opposition compilation


Fully supporting this new initiative…

Noise In Opposition is a compilation of 24 artists from across the globe opposed to fascism, misogyny and prejudice. NiO totals nearly 3 hours of music across 31 tracks by people including Hacker Farm, Libbe Matz Gang, Elizabeth Veldon and The Implicit Order.

Check for the full background and the rabble rousing manifesto.

Free download or cheap physical media.

Apparently the concept has proved so popular that a Part Two looks very likely a few days after the launch.

Grime In The Dancehall Mix (2013 Remaster)


From the desk of Mr Grievous Angel:
Remember that huge mix of dancehall-infused grime and grimey dancehall me and John Eden did a few years ago for the Blogariddims Podcast?

Well, I’ve done a new master of it so it sounds louder, clearer and better than ever before. Maximum listening pleasure as well as a unique insight into the bashment, dancehall and one drop roots of grime.

Hope you enjoy this and please tell your friends, fans and followers about it if you do.

The link for the new mix is here:

BIG UP Droid, all Blogariddims crew, Woebot, Dan Hancox, Blackdown, all Woofah Magazine crew and all dancehall and grime selectors, producers, MCs, promoters, labels, record shop people, and dancers! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soon come: a special tribute mix for Keysound’s masters of garage weirdness, LHF.

Thank you

Paul / Grievous Angel

John Eden & Grievous Angel – Grime in the Dancehall (2013 remaster) by Johnedenuk on Mixcloud

Paul Meme Sleevenotes/Tracklist

John Eden Sleevenotes/Tracklist

To which I would reiterate that I was a total late comer to Grime. I heard it around the place but it never clicked until I saw Flowdan and Killa P perform alongside Kevin Martin at BASH at Plastic People. Then I dived in.

By the time we did this mix in 2008 a lot of the people who had latched onto Grime early had decided it was desperately uncool. Which suited me fine. It meant I could easily investigate the early days and then develop my own opinions about what was good amongst the new stuff without jostling elbows with the hipsterati.

This mix was a case of forcing a connection between dancehall and Grime really, to make a point. Of course, I didn’t need to do too much forcing – it was more a case of just joining up the dots in a slightly different way and then colouring everything in red, gold and green. As with Woofah, the idea was to get open minded reggae heads into grime and vice versa.

The mix was a load of fun to do and went down really really well. It certainly still gets regular rotation here.

I followed it up a few year later with an RSI Radio Grimey Reggae podcast.

I have virtually zero idea about what is happening with Grime these days, though. Perhaps that’s a good thing – my daughter can’t decide whether my appreciation of Tinchy Stryder is cool or embarrassing.

Mix: Shake The Foundations vol 1

This is the first proper mix I ever did, back in those pre-blog times of 2002. I was interested in tracks that blurred the lines between reggae, dub, electronica and dance music. I still am, but it seems harder to find interesting angles on it these days.

Thanks to Jim Bakhaus for helping me out with a copy of the mix when I found out that my CDR master had gone glitchy.

Sleevenotes and tracklist are here.

A slightly tongue in cheek account of the frustrations of recording it is here.

Download link.

Shake The Foundations vol 2

The second mix I ever did, now up at Mixcloud:

This was done in 2003, a transitional time for online music. By then most people I knew had the internet at home and/or work. But very few of us had broadband, and hosting was still fairly expensive. So the favoured means of distribution was burning mixes on CDR, making a nice sleeve, and then giving them to mates in person or sending them through the post. I actually prefer that to uploading and downloading, but it seems very quaint today.

Promotion was done through internet forums like Uk-Dance, Urban75 and the like. People got really into it – possibly because not many people were doing mixes of this sort of thing back then – there was lots of techno and other dance music to be had in the circles I moved in then, but not much reggae to be had.

It was a wicked time for music, with the “one drop” reggae stuff really coming to the fore. I lived near Gladdy Wax’s shop “Wax Unlimited” in Stoke Newington and would try to get there every Saturday to find out what was new. That coupled with David Rodigan’s show on Sunday nights on Kiss, I was well stocked up with some incredible tunes.

In fact, this is probably the most popular mix I have ever done – people still remember it and ask me for a copy. I think this is mainly because it came out at a time when it really stood out, and also because it’s not really been available online for ages. (Marc D hosted it on his Bassnation site for a while).

Tracklist and sleevenotes are up here.

There’s no download link.

Remembering the Embers: New Cross 1981

An interesting podcast about the New Cross fire, which includes documentary spoken word (both archival and new) and music:

Some of the music is taken from the Lovers Rock mix I did with Paul Meme. I find this recontextualisation very interesting (and saddening). These tunes may have been the last sounds that 13 of the people at 493 New Cross Road ever heard. (14 are commemorated on the plaque and elsewhere because Anthony Berbeck, who was also present on the night, committed suicide two years later for reasons believed to be linked with the trauma of what he witnessed.) So the heartbreak and love evoked by the songs

Also featured is a haunting tune by Zena Edwards which was one of many highlights at the recent evening remembering the fire at The Albany.

There is more information on the podcast here.

Cockney & Yardie: Heatwave 2010 UK Bashment Update

Large Up » Cockney & Yardie: Heatwave 2010 UK Bashment Update

Great round up for London dancehall runnings from Gabriel Heatwave with lots of photos and youtube business. There’s loads going on and this made me feel completely out of touch! Which means lots of lovely new stuff to check out,  so that’s fine by me.

On a similar note, the Heatwave crew just uploaded a new London Bashment mix with some ace selections and a good few specials as well as contributions from their MC Rubi Dan (who Paul Meme borrowed for the anthemic “Move Down Low”).


Check for full tracklist, details of Heatwave nights and a whole heap more.

More London Bashment in the newly published No Ice Cream Sound fanzine, including Heatwave’s top riddims of the noughties. More about the zine soon…



Well, looks like grime is still full of surprises! Most of the CDs I’ve checked recently have been too much on the vocoder/funky tip, but there’s still a ton of interesting things happening under the surface.

In the last week all the producers have been going potlatch crazy and giving away tons of tunes for free. Dot Rotten has given away seventy instrumentals  today, apparently!

I’ve not got time to wade through it all to be honest, or even check radio shows. But when Stinky Jim posted a link to Footsie from the Newham General’s new EP, I was drawn in like a moth to a flame.

It’s FREE and you get four wicked grimey reggae refixes, including the Cuss Cuss riddim and Barrington Levy’s “Under Mi Sensi”. Download from the link up top.

Saturday Night Pylon Exoticism: West Country Style

With characteristic good taste, Jonny Mugwump booked Ekoplekz and Hacker Farm for his Exotic Pylon show on Resonance FM last Saturday.

Ekoplekz was formerly known as Gutterbreakz (my review of his debut CD here).

Hacker Farm are also known as Kid Shirt and Farmer Glitch.

They were accompanied by a bevvy of minders, including Low “Idiots Guide to Dreaming” Quay and illustrator and Woofah back page fixture 2nd Fade. Guest appearances were made by the man like Woebot, Mr Time Attendant, Mr WestNorwoodCassetteLibrary and bunch of other people I didn’t really get a chance to talk to, such was my breathless enthusiasm for the West Country massif.

It was unbelievably good to sit around in a pub with these people and talk nonsense in person, rather than exchanging pixels. To meet in an actual bar instead of haunting each other’s blog sidebars. It’s difficult to write much more than that without it sounding ridiculously back-slappy, but you get my  drift.

The Exotic Pylon show is now available for your downloading pleasure. It’s good – Ekoplekz come in with walls of bass, beats and electronics, whilst Hacker Farm do a more abstract ambient thing with the occasional surprise.

Ekoplekz’s second CD is out today and is being followed by a vinyl release on Bristol’s respected Punch Drunk label soon.

Rumours are rife of a Hacker Farm octuple glass, mercury and hay box set coming out in 2021.

2nd Fade has just submitted awesome his contributions to Woofah issue 5.

Lowquay remains both Loki and low key. ;-)