47th Annual Report



Nostalgia was the order of the day:

  • I wrote a new foreword for the ebook reprint of Stewart Home’s classic 90s counter culture anthology Mind Invaders by Bread and Circuses. The foreword puts the texts in context and includes some reflections on my time then and how this sort of activity might be relevant now. Published today.
  • Some American anarchists produced a book about space travel which included a bunch of my texts for the Association of Autonomous Astronauts.
  • My interview with Paul Nomex was reprinted in the Datacide 2016 Almanac for Noise and Politics alongside a discography and a touching and insightful obituary by Jo Burzynska.
  • Finally, a short piece below about discontinuing my BM Box and what that used to mean.



I managed to double my average number of DJ sets this year with an outing to Walthamstow at a wicked General Echo session AND blagged on NTS radio by the kind invitation of my label of the year – Bokeh Versions.

I also finally uploaded my best of 2006 reggae mix to Mixcloud:

There are a bunch of other old mixes up there too. Click this.