Martin Stellman

From the press pack:

Writer and Associate Producer,

Born in 1948, Martin Stellman grew up in West Hampstead and after attending St Marylebone Grammar School went to Bristol University, to study Drama and English but dropped out after two years to join Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, as experimental rock theatre group popular between 1968 – 1971. He then worked at The Albany in Deptford where he wrote and directed a number of plays with teenagers including ‘Down in Black and White’ and ‘Us Girls’.

At the same time with Brenda Moor, he set up The Schoolhouse, South East London’s first ‘alternative’ school for secondary age kids. Also at this time he was working as a freelance journalist contributing regular features to “Ink” and “Time Out” magazines.

After meeting France Rosso in 1975, he embarked on the joint project that became ‘Babylon’, originally commissioned for the BBC Play for Today series. Two years later Rosso and Stellman wrote ‘Black and Blue’ for Granada’s Crown Court series as well as an episode for BBC’s Target series. Aside from his work with Rosso, Stellman has written two stage plays ‘Miss’ and ‘Inside Kid’ for Common Stock Theatre Company and co-written the screenplay of ‘Quadrophenia’.

An interview with Martin from 2014 is here.