Karl Howman

From the press pack:

KARL HOWMAN plays Ronnie

For KARL HOWMAN Babylon was an entirely new experience. Already established as one of England’s brighter young acting talents, he had never before encountered anything like the Babylon situation. He went into the film knowing precious little about West Indians living in London, Rastafan, sound-systems, or reggae for that matter; he came out of it enthused about each and every one of them.

Born in 1953, Karl grew up in Lewisham, and came into the theatre by way of the Picardy Boys School and the National Youth Theatre. “I was lucky. I played the lead in the N.Y.T.’s production of ‘Zigga Zagga’, David Puttnam saw me and gave me a role in his company’s film ‘That’ll be the Day’. He also had a leading role in ‘Stardust’ for the same company. Other credits include leading TV roles in series like ‘˜The Sweeney’, ‘Porridge’, ‘Van de Valk’ and ‘Armchair Theatre’. On the stage he starred in ‘Inch’ and ‘Teeth and Smiles’ which started at the Royal Court and transferred to Wyndhams in the West End. Filmwise he has recently starred in ‘Fox’ for Euston Films, and ‘S.O.S. Titanic’.