Chris Menges

From the press pack:

Director of Photography,

Amongst cameramen, CHRIS MENGES has an entirely individual talent and reputation, preferring to photograph subjects that appeal to him and that he can feel involved in. Therefore, after gaining considerable acclaim for his photography of ‘Kes’ he returned to working in television, spending nearly ten years on documentaries, filmed drama and TV specials. During that time he made brief sorties into feature films with ‘Gumshoe’ directed by Stephen Frears, starring Albert Finney, ‘Bloody Kids’ also directed by Frears, and more recently ‘Black Jack’ for Ken Loach. He also photographed Tony (brother of Ridley) Scott’s first film ‘Loving Memory’, which was produced with funds from the British Film Institute.

As Director of Photography for the second unit he was responsible for the battle scenes in ‘Zulu Dawn’; last year he spent five months on ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, produced by the Star Wars’ team, as second unit Director of Photography. He is scheduled to photograph Tony Scott’s first major feature, which will be filmed in Chile, and has just completed photographing John McKenzie’s feature film, ‘The Hard Man’ in Scotland.