FAQ / Contact


1) Where can I buy a DVD of the film?
For years Babylon circulated only on 5th generation bootleg VHS (or DVDs which had been badly copied from 5th generation VHS tapes).

The film was released on DVD for the first time by Rarovideo in July 2007. A further edition by Icon was released in October 2008. Please see the page about this.

Whilst we are not connected with these releases in any way, we are obviously very excited that it will be properly available again after so many years.

2) I work for [company] and we are interested in licensing the film for release. Can you help?
No. This site is purely a fan site, which is in no way connected with the makers of the film.

3) Where can I buy the soundtrack?
The soundtrack was re-released in 2005 on CD with extra tracks by EMI Germany and should be widely available.

The 12″ on the Jah Shaka label is repressed periodically and available through specialist reggae retailers like Dub Vendor.

The vinyl LP and other singles crop up from time to time on ebay and other 2nd hand outlets.

4) Who runs this website?
The site is run by me, John Eden, for fun. If you like it you may also be interested in my other dub pages, my blog and Woofah magazine.

I am no longer a Babylon completist/obsessive but feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss the site or have things you think should be on it.