Jah Shaka on Babylon

Steve Mosko: You appeared in a scene in the film “Babylon” which portrayed a sound clash which was getting quite fierce and almost led to a fight.

Jah Shaka: “Well that’s the impression that the people who made the film had about sound systems, which they’d heard about from the competitions. They gave me a script at first and when I read it I refused to do what they wanted.

I ended up directing the scene I appeared in myself, because all the build up leading up to it, with people from my sound confronting another sound, well that just doesn’t go on. We’ve got a very disciplined set of people, and I was totally against the way they portrayed the build up to the dance in that film.”

[From an interview at the highly recommended Jah Warrior site: http://www.jahwarrior.freeuk.com/ivshaka.htm ]

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